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Let’s preserve
the nature of Ukraine!
Let’s preserve
the animals of Ukraine!
Preservation of natural diversity of Ukraine, assistance to animals, which got into trouble, and conservation of rare animals is one of the main focuses of the Regional Landscape Park Feldman Ecopark, and it is the area of its professional activity since the establishment.

Everyone is able to help the nature and animals! It isn’t difficult at all, and it doesn’t require much efforts. It is just necessary to observe the simple rules of environmental ethics:

• don’t ignore the cases of cruel treatment of animals. If you encountered the similar facts, call the law-enforcement authorities with the demand to bring the guilty persons to justice;
• if you find an injured animal, or a victim of some deeds, or an animal encountered an unusual environment, urgently inform animal protection organizations about it, for example the All-Ukrainian Service for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home”;
• don’t pass by the stray animals, help them find home, give your love and care to them;
• stop wearing natural fur clothes;
• don’t visit places (circuses, dolphinaria, animal battles), where the animals are trained with the lep of inhumane methods;
• don’t support thoughtless killing of animals during hunting, inform the law-enforcement authorities about the cases of poaching;
• don’t cut the living trees, don’t break the branches, don’t let other people carry out illegal felling;
• don’t pick flowers from the Red List, don’t make very big bouquets of meadow of forest flowers;
• don’t litter in the nature, always collect garbage and take it with you after the picnics; • don’t light a fire near the trees;
• save water, gas, electric and heat energy;
• introduce the practice of separate waste collection, recycle glass, plastic and paper, as well as used batteries and lamps;
• limit the use of disposable polyethylene and paper bags;
• don’t use chemical agents and sprays, which are especially harmful for the nature;
• use environmentally friendly transport.
«“Let’s preserve the nature of Ukraine! Let’s preserve the animals of Ukraine!” is an informational, nature conservation project of the Regional Landscape Park Feldman Ecopark and the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” aimed at the attempt to inform every resident of our country about the importance of the preservation of Ukraine’s ecosystem as a part of the planet’s biosphere. The tasks of the project: to increase the level of environmental culture of the population, first of all children and youth; to draw the public attention to the issue of conservation of natural riches of Ukraine for the future generations; to make the importance of the nature conservation activity urgent for the representatives of political and business elites, expert community and volunteering movement.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to carry out the promotional and informational campaign in the mass media (press, TV, radio and Internet), social networks and outdoor advertising.

The issue of nature and animals preservation in Ukraine was undeservedly shifted to the background. There are a lot of objective reasons for this: the war in the east of Ukraine, economic difficulties, social tension. But they cannot be the justification for the change of priorities in the society, as the matter is in the strategic tasks, in the future of Ukrainian nation. What will we leave for our descendants, what is the world of their future – it is necessary to think about this today.