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Centre of Family Health

CENTRE FOR FAMILY HEALTH Is a project of Feldman Ecopark, which combines the opportunities provided to the visitors of the Regional Landscape Park for outdoor recreation of the whole family. It is aimed at the organization of active and diverse pastime, as well as the health improvement for the residents and the guests of the city of Kharkiv. Free zone of active leisure in Feldman Ecopark consists of different locations, where each visitor is able to find a desirable pastime, to relax and to have a rest outdoors with close people.

the visitors of Ecopark are able to participate in the excursions for children and adults, the entertaining and educational events, master classes, quests and competitions. A big playground is also available for children here.


Those who like to walk have an opportunity to do this along the eco-path covering the distance of several kilometres and the paths to the most beautiful places of the Ecopark, including the lakes.


Sport fans will be able to take advantage of bicycle and ski rental, rope city, children’s amusements, football grounds, and a yoga site deep in the forest.


Those who like animals will be able to meet the fauna representatives of several hundred species from all continents, including many rare and endangered ones, as well as to directly communicate with Ecopark’s animals at the petting yard, and to visit the Horse Complex.


People in need of advanced rehabilitation (in particular, children with special needs) are able to attend the lessons with psychologists applying the modern methods of work (for example, animal-assisted therapy.)