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Centre of Cheiroptera Rehabilitation


Is implemented in Feldman Ecopark since the end of 2013. The need in the organization of the Centre of Cheiroptera Rehabilitation appeared because the bats, which go into hibernation in winter, often get into trouble due to various reasons: they find themselves outdoors, where they are not able to take care of themselves during the cold season.


The caring residents of Kharkiv, volunteers and specialists release them from traps, pick up the wounded, weak and frozen animals, (all of bats inhabiting in Kharkiv oblast are in the Red List) and bring them to the Centre. The specialists examine the rescued animals there, in case of need they treat and feed them, and provide place for hibernation in comfortable conditions.


In winter, the Centre rescues from several hundred to several thousand bats. In spring, they are released back to the wildlife.


The experts of the centre carry out scientific researches: study the natural habitat, migration and the amount of bats, and regularly presents the results at the national and international conferences. The Centre cooperates with the EUROBATS international organization, the representatives of which take part in the joint researches on the territory of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany and other countries.