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Micro-Young Naturalists

Growing Up in Ecopark

Early Childhood Development Center “Growing Up in Ecopark” is intended for children aged 3-6. The programme is built so to foster love for the nature in children, ability to treat and care of animals. It is intended for three years of education of children from junior, middle and senior groups in kindergarten.


Every lesson is divided into blocks:

  • environmental (theory, practice – participation in feasible activities in plant and animal care, nature protection);
  • theatrical (initial stage of animal training in the Theatre of Children and Animals, elements of stage adaptation);
  • artistic (learning of children’s poems devoted to the topic of ecology, staging of dance compositions, painting, modeling, application);
  • general (learning of flora and fauna of the regions though the game, speech development, fundamentals of mathematics and visual arts).

Communicating with animals in the Early Childhood Development Center, a child acquires the unique experience and develops comprehensively as a person.