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Petting Zoo


Feldman Ecopark has a special petting yard for the direct communication of the visitors with the wildlife. The project is aimed at the provision of Ecopark’s visitors with the opportunity not only to watch the animals in the enclosures, but also to feel the unity with the nature: to touch the other living creatures, learn them by touch, look at their eyes, feel their emotions, communicate and make friends with them.


The animals of the Petting Zoo include alpacas, Pygmy goats, fancy sheep, donkeys, ponies, pot-bellied pigs, hens, geese, ducks, rabbits and even peacocks.

In the Petting Zoo, children and adults are able to stroke and to feed animals of tactile group, to take photos with them, to become closer to the wildlife and to cheer up.

Tactile group

Tactile group is the most friendly and non-aggressive animals, which are safe for people, and even for the smallest children. Nevertheless, when communicating with them, it is necessary to take precautions: avoid running after animals, shouting, teasing and making abrupt movements. The civilized and tolerant behaviour will save both people and animals from stress and possible injuries.


It is possible to feed animals only with the food provided by the workers of Ecopark. In order to feed an animal in the Petting Zoo, it is necessary to put food on the open palm and only then to stretch the hand.