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Good Home

CENTRE FOR DOMESTIC ANIMALS RESCUE is aimed at assistance to cats, dogs and other domestic animals, which get into trouble or are left without owners. The workers of the Centre and their voluntary assistants find ill, injured animals, as well as those who became victims of cruel treatment or abandoned ones, provide them with care and veterinary aid.

Of the Centre’s activities is the search of a new home for animals and the assistance in finding new owners for kids, the current owners of which don’t know what to do with the newborn kittens and puppies. During the campaign “Saving a Life You Find a Friend!” hundreds of kittens and puppies found new home during the years of the Centre’s work. A record was set during the campaign carried out on Feldman Ecopark’s birthday in 2016: more than 30 little pets found their new owners.


The workers of the Centre also carry out public awareness campaigns promote humane treatment of animals and induce the youth to volunteering in the field of animal aid.