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About Ecopark

It is a large-scale and unique for Ukraine project of the ICF «Oleksandr Feldman Foundation».

The main mission of the project is

the creation of a socially active environment for both adults and children to feel that every natural thing on Earth is a part of one big family, where there is no place to aggression, but which is full of love, friendship and mutual assistance. Along with the main mission, the functionality of the park makes it possible to implement the other, also very important tasks, including:
-rendering of social psychological assistance to children with special needs;
-maintenance and development of fauna and flora of a region;
-integration of Kharkiv region into the international nature conservation programmes;
-creation of conditions for the development of scientific and research and educational basis of Ukraine in the field of environment.
Today, Ecopark is a territory of family recreation with entertainments and zoo. Every visitor is able not only to watch the animals, but also to communicate with some of them closely in the petting zoo.
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First residents

The first residents of Feldman Ecopark were several tens of horses, donkeys, ponies, sheep, llamas, as well as turkeys, geese and rabbits. All animals without exception lived in open areas, where everyone was able to enter.

300,000 guests

The total of 300,000 guests visited Feldman Ecopark during the first year.

Good Home

Starting from the first days of Feldman Ecopark, one of the largest and still the most popular projects – Feldman Ecopark Good Home – began its history. The number of pleased faces, which finally experienced human care and endearment, was estimated at hundreds.

Children liked

Feldman Ecopark is a territory of a happy childhood. And this philosophy of the multi-complex was defined during the first days. We were not wrong! Children liked Ecopark, its nature, sociable animals, amusements, music, dances and endless games! If you are searching for the place in Kharkiv, where children’s dreams lead to, than it is only Feldman Ecopark!

Collection of animals

The collection of Feldman Ecopark increased to 200 animals. In addition to poultry and ungulates, Ecopark became a home for beautiful exotic animals: South American coatis, Indian peafowls, Pygmy goats, Siberian tigers and chimpanzee.

700,000 guests

According to the results of 2012, 700,000 guests visited Feldman Ecopark.

Club of Naturalists

Since 2012, the children’s social project – Young Naturalist Club – is open in Feldman Ecopark.

Natural sciences

The launch of free lessons for children was a real breakthrough at the regional level. A lot of children were interested in natural sciences – schoolchildren didn’t just want to learn the theory, they were attracted with the opportunity to learn the world of the nature as young scientists. During the first year of Club’s activities, several tens of children from the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv oblast became its members.

Number of residents – 400

The number of animals in Feldman Ecopark reached 400 in 2013.

900,000 guests

The total of 900,000 guests was able to rest in Feldman Ecopark during 2013. People arrived not only from Kharkiv, but from the other regions of Ukraine and from the near abroad.

Numerous projects

2013 was the year of the development of many projects: Centre of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Horse Complex, Scientific and Educational Centre of Cheiroptera Rehabilitation. The voluntary animal protection project “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” turned into the All-Ukrainian Service for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue.

Young naturalists of Ecopark

In addition to the group of little biologists, the Young Naturalist Club was extended with equestrian lessons and scientific and research units studying bats. Young naturalists of Ecopark started to carry out their first conferences.

By this time

By this time, the cases of bringing injured animals and abandoned kids of wolves, roe deer, deer, owls, hawks, and swans to the attentive veterinarians and volunteers of Ecopark became more frequent.

In 2014

In 2014, the number Feldman Ecopark’s animals exceeded 1,000. The specialists of Ecopark actively cooperate with the counterparts within the programme of free exchange of animals among zoos..

1,200,000 guests

1,200,000 visitors (residents of the city of Kharkiv, Kharkiv oblast and foreigners) were able to rest and to develop themselves in the territory of the Regional Landscape Park.


In 2014, the International Interfaith Forum was held in Feldman Ecopark, during which the capsule was laid into the foundation of the Museum of Religions.

Assistance to children

The project of assistance rendered to children and teenagers with deviant behaviour “Take Children Away from the Streets” started in Feldman Ecopark. The Young Naturalist Club continues its development: children take part in the international competitions and conferences for schoolchildren. In 2014, the Club is attended by 200 little researcher of the nature

Under treatment

Since 2014, the animals with special needs undergo treatment and rehabilitation in Feldman Ecopark: Tai, the cheetah without the head of shin, and Kai and Gerda, a couple of the Persian leopards with the heavy locomotor apparatus abnormality – a pinched vertebral nerve.

2015 Animal collection

By 2015, the collection of Feldman Ecopark grew to 2,000 animals of 200 species. At the moment, Ecopark has the largest collection of primates in Ukraine, the number of which reaches 180 animals of 30 species.

1,500,000 guests

In 2015, Feldman Ecopark was visited by 1,500,000 guests from 24 countries of the world.

“Growing Up in Ecopark”

In 2015, the exposition of the Museum of Religions was opened in the AVEC Gallery. This exhibition became one of the first steps towards the creation of a multimedia exhibition complex in the territory of Feldman Ecopark. Moreover, the all-Ukrainian competition of young talents Feldman Art Park was launched this year, as well as the regional recreational camp and the Early Childhood Development Centre for children at the age of 3 and elder “Growing Up in Ecopark.”

More than 400 children

The number of children attending the Young Naturalist Club exceeds 400.

From ATO zone

In 2015, hundreds of animals undergo treatment and rehabilitation in Feldman Ecopark, in particular, a legless stork from the ATO zone, a tame wolf cub named Jadge from Kyiv, and a wild she-wolf name Dasha, which was found in the forests of Kharkiv oblast.

More than 2,000 animals

In 2016, the animal collection of Feldman Ecopark number more than 2,000 animals of 200 species. The collection of primates remains to be one of the largest not only in Ukraine, but in Eastern Europe as well – it consists of 200 monkeys.

2,000,000 guests

This year, 2,000,000 guests were able to enjoy the rest in the Regional Landscape Park Feldman Ecopark.

European Association

In April 2016, Feldman Ecopark became the candidate to membership in the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). In October, Ecopark became the member of Ukrainian Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

Sessions appeared

For the first time, the sessions for children with special needs appeared in the children’s health improving and entertaining camp of Feldman Ecopark. Meanwhile, the Feldman Ecopark Young Naturalist Club becomes a Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy (CENSA). More than 700 children attend the Feldman Ecopark Academy studying the environmental protection

Service for wild animals rescue

2016 was a very significant year in the work with injured animals. The workers of the All-Ukrainian Service for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” set a new record. During the whole history of the project, 15,000 dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets found new comfortable homes

300 видов животных

Видовое разнообразие животных, содержащихся в Фельдман Экопарк, расширилось до 300 видов, значительное число которых – редкие и исчезающие, занесенные в Красную книгу. Общее количество животных – более 2 тысяч.

2 200 000 гостей

За 2017 год Фельдман Экопарк посетили 2 200 000 гостей, среди которых большое количество иностранных гостей – посетители из Китая, Израиля, Турции, Испании, Швеции и многих других стран.

1000 воспитанников

Детская эколого-натуралистическая академия Фельдман Экопарк достигла рубежа в 1000 воспитанников. А вместе с участниками летних лагерей количество вовлеченных в орбиту Экопарка детей составило 10 000. Появились новые направления - «Экознайка», «Город мастеров», Пони-ферма, Кроликоферма.

Горячая линия

Центр спасения диких, экзотический и домашних животных «Добрый дом Фельдман Экопарк» открыл всеукраинскую информационно-консультационную горячую линию для оказания помощи животным по бесплатному номеру 0-800-302-303.


В 2017 г. в Фельдман Экопарк впервые реабилитировали животных, имеющих проблемы с конечностями и нуждающихся в специальных колясках. Собаки-колясочники Стив и Айна не только прошли курс лечения, для них также были найдены новые хозяева. Также в этом году на реабилитацию поступили несколько животных из зоны АТО, в частности, аисты и перевязка.

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with the collection of more than 2,000 animals
Petting yard
for the smallest guests
for educational institutions
Cheery entertainments
cheerful and educational
every week
Animal-assisted therapy
curative action
Programmes for people
with special needs
Educational programmes
for young visitors
Master classes
entertaining and useful
Master City
let’s develop together
Yoga sites
let’s be healthy together
Rope City
active leisure
Children’s playgrounds and sandpits
10 sites across the territory
Young Naturalist Club
let’s develop together
Centre of Biological Education
let’s develop together
“Growing up in Ecopark”
early childhood development center
Swan Lake
with beautiful birds
Deer House
with curious deer
Walking tours
along the eco-path
on ponies, donkeys and horses
Phaeton and train rides
April to October
Children’s summer camp
May to August
Equestrian Club
active leisure
Non-Olympic Sports Centre
for your children
Horse theatre for children and youth
Pony Club
for your children
Young horse breeder group
for your children
Theatre of children and animals
cheerful leisure
retro-cars and driving with children
Forest library
useful leisure
Restaurants and cafés
10 types of public catering
Pavilions for picnic
and barbeque zone
Lake beach recreation
active leisure
active leisure
Seasonal residence of Santa Claus
December to January
Bicycle rental
45 bikes for rent
Ski rental
December to February
First-aid post
competent medical assistance
for 500 cars
15 sites across the territory

Dear visitors!

We are very glad to welcome each of You! In turn, we ask You to observes the rules in the territory of Feldman Ecopark

- make fires

- pluck primroses

- to give own food to the animals across the whole territory

- tease and scare the animals

- throw anything into the enclosures

- enter the enclosures or climb over the fences

- smoke

- put children on or over the barriers and fences

- touch the animals with various things (umbrellas, canes, bags and so on)


- the diet of all animals is thoroughly balanced, the feeding schedule is observed strictly

- all food undergoes the obligatory veterinary and sanitary examination

- overfeeding and inappropriate food.

- bring pets to Ecopark (dogs, cats, etc.)

- swim in water bodies

- write on stands, fences, benches, trees, buildings, decorative elements, etc

- walk, sit and lie on the lawns

- leave children unattended

- make a noise and turn on loud music

- drink spirits

- knock on grating and glass of premises for the animals

Remember: chips, candies, chewing gums are treats for people, not for animals!
Close contact and feeding is possible only in the territory of the petting zoo.