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В Украине установилась очень теплая и солнечная летняя погода. От жары страдают не только люди, но и животные. Им зачастую еще тяжелее, ведь они «одеты


Twenty children from Krasnohorivka – a small town in the area of Joint Forces Operation, close to the delimitation line – have visited Feldman Ec


Participation in the Biathlon Championship of the Kharkiv region among young people brought new awards to asset of Feldman Ecopark Ski and Biathlon Club and


Workshop for teaching employees of profile out-of-school institutions of the Kharkiv region took place in Feldman Ecopark. It was devoted to summer holiday a


On June 9, in many countries all over the world celebrate remarkable and close to everyone International Friends Day (the International Day of Friendship). C


Rocky the caracal and Ashera the Bengal cat became new residents of Feldman Ecopark. These representatives of felines were given to specialists of the Social


Goodhearted people massively gather fledglings, wishing to rescue nestlings and bring them to the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “


Feldman Ecopark took part in the organization and conduct of the seventh scientific and methodical workshop GIS and conservation areas.


The entertainment Saturday programme in the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex was devoted to Children’s Day, the holiday opening the summer season.


The animal collection of Feldman Ecopark increases: three cassowaries arrived in the Multi-Complex from a private zoo.


The new project The Park of Birds is launched in Feldman Ecopark. Its main goal is to preserve rare species of birds and return them to their natural environ


The nine-year-old pupil of the Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy of Feldman Ecopark Olha Buzadzhy took the second place at the National compe


Not so long ago, in Feldman Ecopark appeared an enclosure where dwarfish (or barking) mutjac deer and binturongs, named bear cats for appearance and clumsy g


On Sunday, the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex carried out cross-country running competitions Sporty People – Healthy Country, in which all fans


Ukraine’s first interactive dactyl alphabet was presented in Feldman Ecopark today, May 24, within the framework of the project To Hear with Heart. A w