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"The art of mercy"

Dear friends!

We live in very difficult and anxious time. Wars, accidents, various cataclysms, ecological disasters, unfortunately, became the symbols of modernity. People suffer, animals suffer, all the planet suffers. Terrible travails and problems come to different corners. Ukraine has not been spared this fate. It is within our power to change the situation. For this purpose, all those not indifferent to the environmental issue of our country should join efforts.

The International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” together with the volunteers monthly allocates more than 12 million UAH for development of social programmes of various directions: medical rehabilitation, health-improving, eco- and animal protection, educational, etc. But even these means are severely lacking to bring these programmes to qualitatively new level. Therefore, we decided to take a decisive step – to auction off the fine arts collection, which our Foundation compiled for 20 years of its operation.

The catalog you're holding in your hand is devoted to the campaign "The Art of Mercy". We conduct it not for the first time. More than 100 works of famous foreign and local artists were set for the first auction in 2011, and these funds – more than 2 million UAH – were directed to acquisition of the unique medical equipment for the Kharkiv Municipal Centre of Children’s Neurosurgery. The second campaign was held to raise funds for creation of the Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of children and teenagers with mental and behavioural disorders, and money obtained during the third “online” auction, were applied towards development of this Centre.

By purchasing a picture from the collection, everyone can choose a project, he/she wants to support: the programmes aimed at the rehabilitation of children with serious diseases; the rescue of animals from the Red List; the assistance to animals in trouble and the introduction of humane methods of work with stray cats and dogs, etc. You can do it individually or together with your friends and relatives, colleagues and likeminded people. Dissemination of information about our campaign will be an important assistance. We want to break stereotypes and to inform people that everyone, irrespective of availability of funds can become the philanthropist. The main thing is to unite and make this world better together.


Oleksandr Feldman


If you have any questions about our charity event:
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