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Planet of the apes
Golden-bellied mangabey
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Family Мартышковые
Distribution Africa

It is known almost nothing about the life of the golden-bellied mangabey in the wild. Even its status in the IUCN Red List is classified as data deficient (DD). It is an average primate (the males are twice as heavy as the females – 10kg and 5kg respectively). They live in rainforests, the most part of their life they spend on the trees, where they sleep and find food. They sleep in a sitting position holding the branch with the tail. It is a diurnal breed. They probably live in groups of 20-40 animals, but usually these groups consist of 15 animals. The main role belongs to the females and the young. They are very agile and dexterous. In case of food abundance, the mangabeys may live in harmony with the other breeds of monkeys. In case of food shortage, the groups of mangabeys fight.

They eat mainly vegetable food (young sprouts and fruits).
20‒25 years.