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Planet of the apes
Green monkey
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Family Мартышковые
Distribution South, East and West Africa

The green monkey is a little bigger than a domestic cat: its body length with the head is 55-70cm, the tail length is 30-48cm. The males weigh about 5kg, the females weigh 3.5kg. Both males and females have long sharp fangs. Their face, ears, hands, feet and tail tip are black, but the group of white hair is noticeable on the forehead and in short moustache. This species lives in savannahs and on the forest edges. As a rule, they may be found near the water sources. These monkeys spent nights on the branches of trees or bushes. The groups of green monkeys are active during the daytime. Every group (up to 80 monkeys) consists of several ‘families’ (from 2 to 11 animals), which may include young solitary males, males, females and their offspring. The females keep close to each other; the males live more dissipated life. There is a strong hierarchy among the females and the males.


They eat fruits and seeds of the trees, leaves, insects, small birds and their eggs, as a rule, on the ground.

In zoos, they live up to 20 years; in the wild, they live less