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Domestic animals
Pot-bellied pig
Class Mammals
Order Парнокопытные
Distribution South Asia, Vietnam (place of origin).

These pigs are known for their facile and kind nature; they are smart and clean. Unlike their larger congeners, their smell is faint. The have reasonable size, which makes it possible to keep them in average premises, and even several pigs in one enclosure on farms. The height at the shoulder is 40cm maximum, the body length is about 70cm, and the weight is up to 25kg. In fact, the representatives of the breed spread in our country are not thoroughbred. These pigs weigh 45-100kg. Pot-bellied pigs don’t dig holes, don’t break enclosures and pens. They properly use their pasture. These pigs have strong health. For the first time, the pot-bellied pigs were brought to Europe and Canada from Vietnam in 1985. It is well known that they (like all breeds of domestic pigs) are the descendants of wild boars, although not the European one, but Indomalayan subspecies.


Omnivorous. The diet may include up to 50% of coarse food (thanks to the peculiarity of digestive system of the breed). The diet mainly consists of grass, hay, which also make it possible to safe an expensive fodder.

20 years and longer, breeding the whole life