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Domestic animals
Valais Blackneck goat
Class Mammals
Order Парнокопытные
Distribution Alpine breed, which is especially popular in Switzerland and Germany.

Valais goats have strong saber-shaped horns (horned in both sexes) and very long rough hair (the length is 40-50cm.) The undercoat appears only in winter. There is a thick fringe on the forehead. However, the main distinctive feature is the colouration. It is the same in all Valais Blackneck goats: the front part of the body is black, the rear part is white, and the line between the colours is clear and straight. No other domestic animal has similar colouration. The body length is 80-100cm, the females’ height at the shoulder is 70-80cm, and the males’ is 75-85cm. The length of horns (on average) is 30‒50cm (females) and 80cm (males). The females weigh 45-60kg; the males weigh 65-90kg (sometimes even up to 100kg). Valais Blackneck goat originates from Switzerland. It is one of the oldest European breeds, which probably has ‘African roots.’ The first record about black-and-white alpine goats dates back to 930.


Valais Blackneck goats are undemanding in food; they feel themselves well eating browse forage and hay. They like thistle, dry bread, and fruits.

12–15 years.