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Apex predators – cats
Class Mammals
Order Хищные
Family Кошачьи
Distribution From Canada to Argentina

Cougar is the second largest representative of felines in America; the first one is jaguar. The body length is 100-1800cm with the tail length of 60-80cm and the height at the shoulder of 61-76cm. The large subspecies male weighs 70-90kg (maximum – 103kg). Females are 30 percent smaller than males and weigh 36-60kg. Even among cats it is difficult to find the similar animal, which is able to equally climb up the trees and make swift jumps in the mountains, to follow the victim for a long time and to hunt lying-in-wait. Moreover, cougars are good swimmers. Florida panther (subspecies) is in the IUCN Red List (CR – Critically Endangered); the other subspecies are out-of-danger. Along with jaguarondi, cougars are the only American cats with plain fur; hence the binomial name of this species is “concolor” (“one-colour” from Latin). Adult cougars have taupe or tawny coat; the lower side of the body is lighter than the upper one.

Hunts mainly deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats in mountain terrain

In nature they live 10-12 years, in captivity – up to 19 years