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Domestic animals
Jacob sheep
Class Mammals
Order Парнокопытные
Distribution North Africa (place of origin)

The distinctive feature of this breed is the fact that it is multi-horned. One pair of horns grows sideward slightly bending, and the second one is strongly bent to muzzle. The tail is long, covered with coat and is usually cut short. The colouration is from off-white to brown and black. The most common is spotted colouration. The other breeds may give birth to spotted lambs, but only the adult Jacob sheep keep this colouration. The body length is 80-100cm; the height at the shoulder is 85cm on average. These are the average sheep weighing 36-82cm. They are currently widely spread in England as a decorative breed. They prefer dry, high regions, and feel themselves the best in the mountain areas of Scotland. Jacob sheep can have two pairs of horns; upper pair can be straight or bent, like the lower one. Jacob sheep is an old and rare breed. They were known as far back as 3,000 years ago, and liven in the Middle East, in Mesopotamia. In the 17th century, they were brought to England as decorative animals.

They eat various herbaceous vegetation. They love salt. It is assumed that for the normal development of Jacob sheep, they need fresh watering place.
12–18 years.