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Planet of the apes
Common squirrel monkey
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Family Мартышковые
Distribution South America

A small monkey with the body length of 25-36cm and the tail length of up to 40cm. The weight is usually about 1kg. The common squirrel monkey has a slim body, the fur is yellowish-gray or reddish, the fore and hind limbs are yellow, the head and the tip of the tail are dark. Due to the distinct colouration of the head (light spots around eyes on the dark muzzle) common squirrel monkeys are sometimes called ‘dead head monkeys.’ They live in groups of 10-100 monkeys, sometimes even more. The females are the core of the group. These peaceful, conflict-free monkeys may be often found with the other South American primates, like white-footed saki (Pithecia albicans) and golden-backed uakari (Cacajao melanocephalus). A newborn monkey is first held by the mother on the chest, and later on the back, where the kid stays even when the mother is moving, sleeping or eating. When they are 6 weeks old, the young start to eat ‘adult’ food, however, the mother continues to take care of them till the age of 6 months. In Feldman Ecopark, common squirrel monkeys bred repeatedly.


They eat insects, fruits, nuts, bird eggs and nestlings. Sometimes their diet includes molluscs and small frogs.


6-8 years on average. In captivity, they usually live for 9 years and longer. There is a record of the female’s life of 21 years.