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Planet of the apes
Common marmoset
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Distribution Equatorial rainforests of South America.

The common marmoset are small (the size of a squirrel), dark-gray monkeys with white flocks near the ears and big blue forward-facing eyes. Young common marmosets have no white ear-tufts. The appearance of the males and the females is almost alike. The tails are long, downy, with ring pattern. The claw-like nails are pressed on the sides. Only the short thumb of the foot has a flat rounded nail. The thumb of the hand is not separated. The difference in the size of the females and the males is not significant. The average body length of the male is 188cm, while the female’s is 185cm. The males weigh 256g on average, while the females weigh about 230g. Like in the other representatives of the family, the father is the first to take care of the young; it carries the kids on the back and brings them to mother for feeding. If a kid falls down to the ground and survives, the parents stop displaying interest in it. These primates take care only of the kids, which are ‘attached’ to them.


Their diet consists of vegetable food: mainly the tree juice, gum, latex (like the ‘milk’ of hevea) and some resins. The diet also includes seeds, flowers, mushrooms, nectar, various fruits (like bananas). Another one important nutritious source for common marmosets is insects and their maggots, and they spend nearly 24-30% of their time to find them.


About 10 years in nature, and 15 years in zoos (the record is 18 years).