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Planet of the apes
Stump-tailed macaque
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Family Мартышковые
Distribution Southeast Asia

It is one of the most long-haired and short-tailed breeds of macaques. The fur is thick and dark-brown. The face is hairless, with red skin. The kids are born with the white fur, which becomes darker in time. The head of adult females and males often becomes bald. The sexual dimorphism is distinctive in both the size (the males weigh up to 10kh with the body length of 70cm, while the females are smaller), and the colouration of the face of the pubescent animals (the male’s face has more saturated red colouration with black spots). The Stump-tailed macaque is in the IUCN Red List as vulnerable (VU).


Omnivorous, but their main diet consists of fruits. They also eat seeds, flowers, roots, leaves, and small animals. Like all macaques, they have the developed cheek pouches, which they use to carry food.

The average lifespan of the macaques in zoos is 15-20 years, but they also live for 30 years.