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Planet of the apes
De Brazza’s monkey
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Family Мартышковые
Distribution African forests

It is one of the brightest monkeys in the world. The body is gray with reddish-brown back, black limbs and white rump. There is the distinctive white beard and the orange spot on the eyebrow line. The male’s skin on the cheeks around the nose is blue. The size of this monkey is average: the male’s body length is up to 60cm, and the female’s body length is up to 55cm. The tail length is up to 78cm. They weigh about 7kg. The monkeys live in families consisting of an adult male, three adult females and their offspring. The family territory occupies the area of 6-13 hectares. The groups living nearby may eat together, however, they sleep in own lairs. De Brazza’s monkeys can quickly hide in the foliage, and in case of danger they freeze becoming motionless like a statue. This peculiarity resulted in the Latin name of the primates: the word ‘neglectus’ is derived from the verb ‘neglego,’ which means ‘disregard’ or ‘overlook.’

Leaves, fruits, insects, bird eggs and small vertebrates.
20‒25 years.