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Herbivorous and insectivorous animals
Class Mammals
Order Парнокопытные
Distribution South America

The guanaco is a slender animal with light body, which resembles deer or antelope for the proportions, but with the more oblong neck. The long neck serves as a balance when the animal is walking or running. The body length is 120-175cm, the tail length is 15-25cm, the height at the shoulder is 90-130cm (regardless of the sex). The weight is 115-140cm (the males are usually slightly larger). The guanaco has big eyes with the long eyelashes and quite big mobile ears. The fur is long, dense; the colouration of the top part of the back and neck is reddish-brown. The belly, legs and lower part of the neck are almost white, the border between the dark and the light colouration is strongly pronounced. There is a dark hair on the animal’s “face.” The ears are light gray. Guanacos live in small groups, consisting of the females with their kids; each herd is leaded by one adult male. The number of animals in these groups varies from 3 to 20. The males form bachelor herds. Guanacos are able to develop the speed of up to 56kmh. As far as the animals live in open areas, it is vitally important for them to run fast. In zoos, they are crossed with llamas (Lama glama). It is possible to see exactly this hybrid in Feldman Ecopark.


Herbivorous animals (main food: herbaceous plants, flowers and moss); they are able to live without water for a long time.


20 years in nature and up to 28 years in zoos.

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