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Feathered mosaic
Violet turaco
Class Птицы
Order Туракообразные
Family Тураковые
Distribution West Africa

Violet turacos have massive orange beak with a yellow horn frontal shield. The bare skin around eyes is orange. The colouration is mostly violet. There is a short red tuft on the back of the head, and white stripes extending from the eyes. Typical habitats are the shady crowns of evergreen trees, which grow along the river banks. They also may be found near the drainage canals, in the gardens and parks with the abundance of fruit trees. Violet turacos live a secretive life in the crowns of tall trees. They especially like to bathe; they even go down to the ground for this purpose, leaving the safe treetops. At the safe height, more than six metres, a couple of birds builds a flat nest from twigs and pieces of bark. Both birds watch the inviolability of their personal territory with the equal eagerness


The diet mainly consists of the fruits of tropical plants: dates, wild figs; they often include maggots of insects into their diet. Despite their second name – violaceous plantain eater – violet turacos don’t eat banans in nature


Lifespan in nature is unknown, in captivity they live for over 10 years

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