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Herbivorous and insectivorous animals
Fallow deer
Class Mammals
Order Парнокопытные
Distribution Southern Europe, Anatolia and North Africa

A typical appearance of deer. The body and the head length is 130-180cm, the tail length is 20cm, and the height at the shoulder is 80-100cm. The males are larger than the females. The average weight of the males is 65-100kg, while the females weigh 45-60kg. The fallow deer has a big muscular body and the shorter neck and legs than the ones of red deer. Only the males have the antlers, which may become shovel-shaped. The fallow deer is a gregarious animal, which migrates in herds of up to a hundred animals. They live in unstable groups – both mixed and unisexual (the males); it is possible to find solitary animals sometimes. The herds of eugamic males and females are usually separated; the rut takes place on special areas – “arenas.” The colouration of the fallow deer changes depending on the season. In summer, the top part of the body and the tail tip are reddish-brown with white spots. The lower part and the legs are lighter. In winter, the head, neck and ears are dark-brown, the back and the sides are almost black, the lower part of the body is ash-gray. Sometimes, it is possible to find completely black or white animals. There are three colour variations of the fallow deer in Feldman Ecopark. The species is acclimatized in Ukraine.


Exceptionally herbivorous animals. They eat only grass and tree leaves


15‒20 years

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