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Planet of the apes
Cotton-top tamarin
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Distribution South America

Like all representatives of callitrichidae, the cotton-top tamarins live on the trees. The animals either creep or jump in the tree crowns. Their body length is 20-29cm, the tail length is 30-42cm. The weight is 350-450g. The scientific name of the species “oedipus” means ‘swollen foot,’ as the cotton-top tamarin really has downy limbs, which look quite thick. The German name “Lisztaffe” means ‘Liszt monkey;’ it was given in honour of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, whose head was adorned with long white hair. Cotton-top tamarins live in groups of 3-9 animals, consisting of the dominant, monogamous couple, their brood and the younger, subordinate, unrelated animals. The group lives on the territory with the area of 7 to 10 hectares, marking it with the secretion from the glands. The guests from the other groups are banished. As a rule, only a dominant couple breeds in the group. It is the smallest in number species of callitrichidae family. It is in the IUCN Red List as critically endangered (CR). The females of the cotton-top tamarin give birth to twins twice a year; and it is a very high reproductive performance among the primates.


They eat mainly insects and fruits, as well as small vertebrates and tree juice. It is the most carnivorous species among tamarins.


Approximately 10 years