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Domestic animals
Class Mammals
Order Непарнокопытные
Family Лошадиные
Distribution North Africa (place of origin).

The colouration may be gray, brown or black; sometime it is possible to find white breeds. The belly, front part of the muzzle and the area around eyes are usually light. Donkeys have harsh mane and tail ending with the switch. Ears are much longer than the horse’s. Unlike the horse, the donkey’s hoofs are more adapted to stony and rough surface. They are good for safe movement, but cannot be used for fast gallop. The body length is about 180cm. The height of thoroughbred donkeys may vary from the size of a pony to the size of a good horse: 90-130cm. The largest are the representatives of the Baudet de Poitou (140-155cm) and Catalan donkeys (135–163cm). The wild African donkeys (Nubian and Somali) reach the height at the shoulder of 90-130cm. The adult domestic donkeys weigh 200-400kg.


Wild donkeys eat herbaceous and scrub vegetation. Domestic donkeys eat oats, barley, corn, bran, oilcake, and any hay.

They live 15-25 years. Domestic donkeys live 25-30 years on average, but sometimes it is possible to find long-livers, who reach the age of 40 years and more.