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Apex predators – cats
Amur leopard
Class Mammals
Order Хищные
Family Кошачьи
Distribution Far East

It is a large cat, however, it’s size is much smaller than the size of tiger and lion. Body length is 107-136cm. Tail length is 82-90cm. Height us 64-78 cm. The females weigh up to 50kg, the males – 60-70kg. The Amur leopard is one of the smallest subspecies of this cat. The fur is quite soft, long and thick. The sides and the outer side of the legs are lighter. There are many dense spots on the coat. Today, the Amur leopard is critically endangered. It is the rarest subspecies, which is in the IUCN Red List (CR): only 48-50 animals left in nature. The Amur leopards, which are kept in zoos and reserves, are in close relationship with each other (or are of hybrid origin), and their breed degenerates

Leopard’s food is mainly ungulate mammals: spotted deer and roe deer, calves of Manchurian wapiti and young boars. In addition, leopard hunts badgers, raccoon dog, hares, pheasants, and hazel grouses

In captivity some animals lived till 21 (in Novosibirsk Zoo); in nature, their lifespan is significantly less – 10-15 years