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Apex predators – cats
Class Mammals
Order Хищные
Family Кошачьи
Distribution From Central America to swamps and wooded regions of Argentina

Jaguar is the largest cat of the New World. The body length without tail is 120-185cm, the tail length is 45-75cm. The height at the shoulder is 68-76cm, rarely it reaches 81cm. A common regular adult male of large subspecies weighs nearly 90-110kg (90-95kg on average), females weigh 60-80kg. The record weight in nature was 158kg. Females are 20 percent smaller and lighter. Jaguars are solitary animals. It is a twilight predator. The most active hunting hours are after the sunset. It is also known for a long time about the existence of the black melanistic jaguars. The number of these animals is not connected with ecological and geographic conditions. The cubs of different colouration may be born in one brood. The black jaguars have rather dark brown fur, and with the bright lighting it is possible to see the distinctive spotted pattern. The spots and dots on the jaguar’s coat are individual. Black jaguars are mostly found in Brazil.


Its main preys: capybaras and ungulate mammals like brocket deer, peccary and tapir; it also attacks birds, monkeys, foxes, snakes, and rodents. Jaguar also hunts turtles, as its strong jaw is capable of biting their shell through.


Record – 22 years in captivity, in nature they rarely live till 10. Nearly 50 percent of death happens before they are 2.