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Planet of the apes
Tufted capuchin
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Distribution South America

The largest capuchin. The body length is 32-57cm, the tail length is 34-56cm. The weight is 1,300-4,800g (males). The colouration of fur is from dark-brown and mustard to black. The face has light-red tint. It has a bundle of black hair on the forehead reminding a cap. There are tufts of black hair over the ears, hence the name. Hands, feet and tail are black or dark-brown; the tail is long, prehensile. It is a single breed of capuchins that coils up its tail. Capuchins have a deserved reputation of one of the smartest species of primates in America. In the wild, they often break nuts with the help of stones or use strong branches of the trees to break hard fruits off. They also wipe out the mucus of the caught tree-frogs on the tree bark. In captivity, they are trained very well.


They eat fruits and even the large ones thanks to the strong jaw, which is impossible for the other monkeys. The diet also includes plants, young sprouts, tree heartwood, insects, reptiles, bird eggs, and small mammals like mouse lemurs. During the dry season, when the food resources are limited, capuchins eat the core of the Scheeleapalm.

25‒30 years (32 years is the official record set in the Mexican zoo).