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Apex predators – cats
White Bengal tiger
Class Mammals
Order Хищные
Family Кошачьи
Distribution Northern and Central India, Nepal and Burma

The tiger has average size: body length is 180-327cm, tail length is 90cm. The height at the shoulder is up to 95cm. Weight is 200-270kg. The Bengal tigers with a common reddish colouration sometimes give birth to cubs with white hair, which still has dark stripes. In nature they survive extremely rarely: these animals are not able to hunt because they are too visible. White tigers are bred for circuses and zoos. As opposed to true albino tigers, these ones have not red but blue eyes with pink pupil. All White Bengal tigers, which are currently living in captivity, were descended from one ancestor, the Bengal male named Mohan. Although the Bengal tiger is the most numerous subspecies of this cat, like the other subspecies, it is in the IUCN Red List (EN – Endangered).

Predator. The main hunting objects: deer, young buffalos, nilgais, monkeys and boars. Large birds and any mammals up to the bear may become the prey of the tiger

15 years on average