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Planet of the apes
Lar gibbon
Class Mammals
Order Приматы
Family Гиббоновые
Distribution Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Java

Lar gibbons have a typical constitution: they have very long and strong hands, light and slim body, no tail. As the most part of their life they spend on the trees, their hands with long and thin five-finger palms are much longer than the legs. The lar gibbon’s colouration (depending on the region of habitation) varies from black to light-brown and sandy. The representatives of the family are average: the height is 45-65cm, the weight is 5-7kg (rarely, the ‘giant’ gibbons reach 8kg and more). The family groups (consisting of the constant couples) live on the clearly marked territories, and they inform the other gibbons about the borders with the help of singing. Lar gibbons are in the IUCN Red List as endangered (EN).

They eat various fruits, seeds, leaves, young sprouts, insects, bird eggs. They drink by putting the hand into the spring and licking the water from their fur.
25 years on average.