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Apex predators – cats
Siberian tiger
Class Mammals
Order Хищные
Family Кошачьи
Distribution Southeastern Russia. Northern China
Siberian tiger is the largest cat on Earth. Its coat is thicker than the coat of the tigers living in warm regions, the colouration is lighter. The body length to the tip of the tail of the males is up to 2.7-3.8m (tail length is up to 100cm); the females are smaller. The height at the shoulder is up to 115cm. A large Siberian tiger weighs up to 300-350kg.Te tiger is a loner; the females live with cubs for a long time. This predator is the only one to have five-centimetre-thick fat layer on the belly, which protects from the chilling wind at extremely low temperatures. It is the IUCN Red List (EN – Endangered). In the nature, only nearly 500 Siberian tigers left, almost the same number is in zoos worldwide. In Feldman Ecopark this tiger produces offspring on a regular basis
The main hunting objects: deer and boars. Large birds and any mammals up to the bear may become the prey of the tiger. The Siberian tiger can hunt both in the daytime and at night. It eats a lot: up to 30-40kg at a time. A hungry large animal can eat 50kg of meat

15 years on average, up to 20 and more in zoos