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Feldman Ecopark is a versatile charitable project, which combines the care for and assistance to animals, the therapy for children with special needs, the rehabilitation, scientific and research, and educational complex, as well as the leisure for those who likes the nature.
The territory of Feldman Ecopark is the best place for bright outdoor activities, as well as for health improvement of the residents of Kharkiv and all guests of the city. It consists of different locations, where each visitor is able to find a desirable pastime, to relax and to have a rest outdoors with close people.

One of the main missions of Feldman Ecopark is the upbringing of a morally and physically healthy generation. The Regional Landscape Park is a barrier-free site for the implementation of social projects aimed at assistance to children with special needs, youth with deviant behaviour, people who suffered as the result of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, popularization of healthy lifestyle, as well as support of gifted young people.

All the year round, we arrange sports and entertainment festivals, interesting excursions, including the ones with sign language translation, walks along the petting locations, where everyone is able to feed and stroke animals, to enjoy their amazing singing and more. The territory of the multi-complex is also the place of the Feldman Ecopark Centre of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, the activity of which is based on the applying of cutting-edge therapeutic methods of eco-therapy: animal-assisted therapy, art therapy, landscape therapy and so on.